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  • Banknote Collection Manager  v.1.1It is a software designed for people who have a hobby of collecting currency notes. Using it you can easily catalog your banknote collection, store detailed information about each note with images. Take print outs, export to HTML, PDF or CSV.
  • Coin Collection Manager  v.1.0It is a software designed for people who have a hobby of collecting coins. Using it you can easily catalog your coin collection, store detailed information about each coin with images. Take print outs, export to HTML, PDF or CSV.
  • Stamp Collection Manager  v.1.0Easy to use software designed for people who have a hobby of collecting stamps. Using it you can easily catalog your stamps collection, store detailed information about each stamp with images. Take print outs, export to HTML, PDF or CSV.
  • LilyPond  v.2.11.57The inspiration for LilyPond came when two befriended musicians got annoyed with the bland and boring look of computer print-outs. Every musician prefers reading beautiful music, so couldnt we programmers solve that printing problem? LilyPond just ...
  • NFL Office Pool  v. Office Pool - NFL 2005 includes the entire regular and post season schedule of the 2005 season games and the ability to print Office Pools for each one. These print outs include the names of each team, helmet graphics, the date of the game ...
  • League Analyzer for Football  v.1.2Designed to support the needs of North American style football leagues, this comprehensive management tool handles complex scheduling, tournaments and statistics. Our statistics gathering and box score print-outs are on par with those produced by ...
  • CodePrinter  v.1.0.3CodePrinter is a tiny utility to print out source code or other text files. Its main intent is to provide you with print-outs used in code reviews and to save some paper by fitting two code pages onto one sheet of ...
  • PDF2PSP  v.1.0PDF 2 PSP is a tool for converting PDF documents and print outs into JPEG images suitable for displaying on the Sony PSP handheld game console.
  • Postpine  v.1.0Postpine is a graphical timetable system. It allows the user to organise rooms, tutors, classes and subjects. The program can create print outs for each room, group or tutor.
  • Prescription Pad  v.3.0A medical software which is unique in the way that you could ensure 100% safe, fool-proof and first rate prescription to a patient. A new Prescription would take even less than 2 minutes to complete.
  • Action Project Manager  v.1.6.3047Action Project Manager lets you create tasks and assign it to single or multiple users based on project requirements. Creating Task helps you to track the project, schedule, prioritize and allocate deadlines for individual task hence, ensuring an on ...
  • Broadcast Batch Printing  v.1.0.5Prints bunch of files such as (doc, docx, xls, html, xml, ppt, XLSX etc.) and images such as (jpg, gif, png, tiff, ico, psd, BMP etc.) on Multiple Printers. It can print selected files on selected printers even on two or more printers in One go..
  • SilverFast PrinTao  v.6.6.0r5The professional printing function of SilverFast's product family is now available as stand-alone version. Any printer can be used with this efficient program. Print your images directly from your folders, create your individual layout or even ...
  • Pathos Course Builder  v.1.06Course building software that allows you to create your own courses for the classroom or lab. Add audio, images, text, rich text. Use .mp3, .txt, and .rtf files to develop modules--lessons within units--for your lab or classroom computer stations.
  • Purchase Order Software  v. to download Purchase Order Software is provided by company on website that offers simplified way for management of company accounting information.
  • PrintAGlucoseDiary  v.1.0Record and track your important blood sugar test results with neatly printed daily or weekly blood glucose diary sheets for your hand-kept blood sugar records. Print to standard 8 1/2 inch x 11 inch paper using your printer.
  • CSPrintingEngine  v. easy printer printing to you application with this ActiveX control. Print images, text, different fonts, line, rectangles and shading.
  • PrintTuner  v.1.08PrintTuner is basically a virtual Printer for 2000/XP/2003 which will accept the Printing task from application and handles it in more sophisticated way saving you time,money and effort.1) With Layout options, you print multiple pages on paper. You ...
  • Workout Printer  v.1.1.0Workout Printer allows you to create workout plans and print them out for use at the gym, your home exercise equipment, or wherever you may exercise. Use these printouts to quickly and easily record your workout progress including number of reps, ...
  • Glucose Journal and Database  v.2.0Helps user keep an organized journal of important blood glucose test results.
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